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Michael Mullan

This is the website of Dr Michael Mullan, CEO and President of the Roskamp Institute, Sarasota, FL. The Roskamp Institute focuses on new treatments for neuological disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Autism.

Dr. Michael Mullan graduated from the Royal Free School of Medicine in 1984, where he was President of the The Royal Free Mental Handicap society. After graduating as a medical practitioner, Michael Mullan first utilized his skills as a physician and surgeon before becoming involved in psychiatry at Friern Hospital in London. It was here that Dr. Michael Mullan developed further developed his interest for diseases of the mind. This interest was accommodated at Middlesex Hospital Medical School: where he accepted a research position in the Molecular Genetic study of Alzheimer’s disease. He was subsequently awarded a post-graduate scholarship to develop his research and a Mental Health Foundation Research Fellowship to train in molecular genetics at St. Mary’s Medical School. During this Fellowship, Dr. Mullan served as an Honorary Clinical Research Registrar at St. Mary’s Hospital and The National Hospital for Nervous Diseases. Research conducted by Dr. Michael Mullan, and his colleague Dr. Fiona Crawford, led to the discovery of the “Swedish” mutation in the amyloid precursor protein (APP) gene, which causes early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. They also developed the first animal model for Alzheimer’s disease. In 1992, Dr. Mullan joined the University of South Florida, where he established Roskamp Laboratories. Here, Dr. Michael Mullan was not only the Laboratory Endowed Chair in Biological Psychiatry, but he also used his practical knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease and molecular genetics to teach a Behavioral Medicine Course to Medical Students and served as a Ph.D. supervisor to multiple programs. The Roskamp Institute was founded by Dr. Mullan in 1998, in the pursuit of treatments for AD, as well as other neurological diseases. The Roskamp Institute was relocated to its own facility, in Sarasota FL, in 2003. Dr. Mullan serves as Director of both the Institute and the Memory Clinic, that conducts government funded clinical trials, free memory screenings, and other evaluations. The Roskamp Institute is home to over 70 scientists, students, clinicians, clinical staff and administrative staff, all dedicated to the pursuit of a greater scientific understanding of neurological disorders and curing diseases of the mind. Dr. Michael Mullan’s research is funded from a multitude of sources, including the Veteran’s Administration, Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Mullan has been a VA funded researcher since 1997, and in that time he has extensively investigated the role of beta-amyloid in inflammation and determined the CD40-CD40L signaling pathways associated with AD pathogenesis. This research has led to the discovery of many potential therapies for AD, and the Roskamp Institute drug discovery program has had great success with a clinical trial in Europe for a therapeutic that shows great promise in human patients. Michael Mullan holds more than a dozen patents and nearly 200 scientific publications. He is the CEO and president of the Roskamp Institute, Sarasota, FL.

Michael Mullan's Background

Michael Mullan's Experience


January 2013 - Present | SARASOTA

Dr. Michael Mullan initially trained as a physician he also earned a PhD from London University, studying the molecular genetics of familial Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Mullan has been an Alzheimer’s Disease researcher for over 25 years and has published over 200 peer review scientific papers on Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders. He is President and CEO of the internationally-known Roskamp Institute, the non-profit biomedical research facility which specializes in Alzheimer’s Disease research. With his colleagues at the Roskamp Institute he has pioneered new medical treatments to improve memory in Alzheimer’s Disease. These treatments are in the advanced stage of clinical testing worldwide. Dr. Mullan developed Brain Reserve Index Score.

CEO and President at Roskamp Institute

January 1995 - Present | Sarasota, FL

Strategic management Scientific Administration of Clinical and Research Staff Conduct Applied research

Michael Mullan's Education

London University

1991 – 1993


Concentration: Molecular Genetics

Activities: Hoechst Elective Award for his study of genetic at Institute of Psychiatry

London University

1981 – 1985


Concentration: Psychiatry

Activities: Ethel Williams Scholarship from the Royal Free Hospital in recognition of the postgraduate research that he did pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease. He also earned the registrar posting for the Bethlem and Maudsley Special Health Authority Research for his contribution to clinical studies and molecular genetics of Familial Alzheimer’s Disease. For the three years following, he worked on a Clinical Research Fellowship that was granted by the Mental Health Foundation to support research into the clinicogenetic correlates of Familial Alzheimer’s Disease.

Michael Mullan's Interests & Activities

Drug Development, Neuroscience, Health Care, Alzheimer's Disease, Memory Improvement, Cognitive Improvement, Metrics for Brain Health

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